February 6, 2010

Dyed Long Sleeve T, Dante

I have recently started working with fabric inks. Although they are not as opaque as fabric paints, I am finding them wonderful to use on clothing. Unlike the paints, which only bond to the surface of fabric, inks penetrate thoroughly and leave absolutely no feel on the fabric after the first wash. They do not bleed, and have proven to be very wash-fast. Love it!

I now offer 'black and white' artwork, pictured below. I first render the photograph into a completely black and white version, then use that to work from. Although it does not work well for white dogs, it is great for dogs with any color. This is a long sleeved, dyed Tshirt with my male German Shorthaired Pointer, Dante. You can see part of the black and white rendered photo to the left. Dye colors for shirt are purple and blue.....  

I used fabric paint on the eye, to add some 'sparkle'.

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