Photo Tips

When sending a photo of your dog for me to work from, please follow these tips....

1. Take or a choose a photo that is at eye-level with your pet. Many people tend to shoot 'down' at the dog from a standing position, which is unsuitable for me to work from.     

2. It doesn't matter what is in the background, as long as I can see the dog clearly. Try to get as close a photo you can for more detail.

3. Take your photo in bright light. It is very important that the photograph is clear.

Please remember, I only have the photograph to work from, so what I see is what you get!

If you are commissioning something of a dear departed pet, you may send me several to choose from if you don't have one that meets the above criteria.

Lastly, please DO NOT send images which are under copyright protection that you do not have permision to use.